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 The Alchemist of Happiness

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Sahabat Sokmo
Sahabat Sokmo

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PostSubject: The Alchemist of Happiness   Sun Jul 01, 2007 6:40 pm


Exploring the life and impact of the greatest spiritual and legal
philosopher in Islamic history, this film examines Ghazali's
existential crisis of faith that arose from his rejection of religious
dogmatism, and reveals profound parallels with our own times. Ghazali
became known as the Proof of Islam and his path of love and spiritual
excellence overcame the pitfalls of the organised religion of his day.
His path was largely abandoned by early 20th century Muslim reformers
for the more strident and less tolerant school of Ibn Taymiyya.
Combining drama with documentary, this film argues that Ghazali's Islam
is the antidote for today's terror.

Filem ni keluaran 2004 tapi tak keluar di panggung di sini...so if you're interested you can look up for the dvd at this link http://www.zamzam.tv/
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Sahabat Sokmo
Sahabat Sokmo

Number of posts : 56
Registration date : 22/06/2007

PostSubject: Re: The Alchemist of Happiness   Sun Jul 01, 2007 6:46 pm

Satu komen dari seorang yang sudah menonton Al Ghazzali: The Alchemist of Happiness Good

This is an excellent film about the life and spiritual journey of the
renowned Islamic scholar al-ghazali. The film takes us through his time
as the judge in Iraq, where he is revered as for his knowledge of quran
and fiqh. Students flock to him. Then we see his crisis where he
questions everything he knows, and he is unable to talk. He opens him
mouth but no words come out. He then embarks on his spiritual journey,
travelling for 10 years. He finds his truth in the knowledge of

In his work the 99 names of Allah, Ghazali talks of how Allahs
attributes must be known by tasting the experience,and not just the
word. So to know mercy we must be merciful, to know justice we must be
just. Just like if you tell someone what it is like to swim (wet,
buoyancy etc) they will never truly know swimming until they have swam.
And so we will never know God until we have experienced what it is to
be merciful, just, compassionate, etc.

It makes a refreshing change to see a movie where the film is
inspirational and captures the essence of spirituality , pushing us to
reflect on how we view religion.

The scenic shots of Iran are also wonderful
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The Alchemist of Happiness
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